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Organic Supima® Cotton Towels – Soft luxury spa and bath towels made from American grown long staple cotton.

Treat your skin to the silky smooth and gentle softness of our hotel-quality Supima® cotton towels.


Grown by hard-working farmers in the USA with an appreciation for the softest natural fabrics, organic Supima® cotton is “the world’s finest cotton.” Finer, longer, stronger, more absorbent, and silkier than any other cotton, our Supima® cotton luxury spa and bath towels are soft and gentle on your skin, while quickly wicking away water.


What makes our quick-dry towels so soft? The organic Supima® cotton towel fiber is special because it is 250% longer than any other cotton fiber. The extra-long cotton fiber makes our bath towels luxuriously soft, silky, and absorbent – unlike any other luxury bath towel you’ll experience.

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